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Taking care of a Pitbull Puppy

Pitbull is not good for a first time owner it’s not about taking care it’s about telling him who’s the boss. From young age let him know you are the alpha male, treat when he behaves well and scold him when he’s not.

Also make him meet more humans often and also more dogs, your dog will copy you so you have to be a better guy infront of him. Around your dog don’t be scared , behave brave and very dominant, don’t let him walk you, walk him, i.e, he’s walking with you not infront of you or pulling you to go somwhere.

Feed him well. DO NOT SPOIL a pitbull by being very nice and kind, give him all the love he deserves but no spoiling. Pitbulls are agressive if kept alone and not socialised with humans.

Quick tip: if your dog tries to bite someone, pull him and chock his collar a bit thats how you reactify a dog, if he’s out of control, do not lose calm and do not beat him, just out him in middle of your legs and chock a bit.

Is he friendly or tends to bark if see’s humans or dogs?

See his tail, if it’s between his legs , he is scared/stressed , tends to bite. Make him comfortable infront of people. Tell a friend when he’s around to let him come and check and then keep him around until he feels comfortable.

He will seek your support when he’s meeting new things, if you are calm and controlled , he feels confortable. It’s all physcology.

A dog gets killer only if owner doesnt give him proper training. Love him alot and do not be scared of him. Enjoy.