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How to root Phoenix OS 1.0.9 & Install Super SU

Phoenix OS is an Android operating system for computers, it is based on X86 project. It is similar to Remix OS both have same functions but Phoenix works super fast and doesn’t lag while playing games, the window can be resized UI is also good, and no doubt that rooting will add more functionalities.

The official version of Phoenix OS does not come pre-rooted. Rooting will allow you to access many apps like Greenify, Titanium backup, The procedures are safe and very simple. Make sure that you have installed it from official website.

First Download the files from this link - https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3gcDbDvV4MkSDg4eEN2SmpYQjg you have to use only ramdisk.img and su.img

Steps -

  1. From Windows Os open file explorer.
  2. Go to the drive where you have installed Phoenix you will see a folder “Phoenix” there, open it and rename the file ramdisk.img to ramdiskorig.img and paste ramdisk.img which you have downloded.
  3. Now boot into Phoenix Os.
  4. Open the file explorer search and copy the su.img file that you have downloaded, and paste into the Download folder on the left.
  5. Press ALT&F1 Command line will open.
  6. Now type following command carefully (There is a space after cp and .img ) -

cp /data/media/0/Download/su.img /data/su.img

  1. Now press enter, make sure you did it correctly. If you get no error you have done it successfully, leave the command line by pressing ALT&F7.
  2. Download Super Su app from Playstore open it and it will ask to update binary and now you are set to go!

Note : The above procedure is tested by me, so if you get any error please type in the comment box bellow.