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Laragon: installing and using Laravel easily on Windows

Laragon is a windows program that helps new developers build web apps. Sometimes when you start it is not always easy to find yourself just to start developing. Laravel is finally very easy to install everywhere when one is used, but the first time it is possible that it is a very easy thing.

I will discuss another aspect of this framework. When you start using Laravel for the first time, the first step to follow is to have an adequate environment to host your project under Laravel. To begin to develop locally quickly without taking the lead, there are more and more tools that are proposed to facilitate the installation of frameworks.

In the past I used the homestead virtual machine with vagrant and virtual box, and also Wamp64 that I like very much. Recently I discovered a new tool to start smoothly with Laravel on Windows.

Indeed Laragon offers you a local server, a directory to drop your Laravel, a database, an easily accessible link, etc. A little in the way of Wampserver except that with Laragon everything is configured for you by the maintainers for That Laravel works perfectly. In addition to making you troubleshoot it is all the easier because everyone has the same development environment, practical to ask for help on the forums or to share your project.

Laragon is really a good plan not to bother with the configuration in general as it can sometimes be the case with Wamp, no need either to assemble a virtual machine. In short that benefits even if it is a solution among many others, it’s worth testing!