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SEO: Test if your website is mobile friendly

Google continues to put more and more websites that are mobile compatible and therefore adopt responsive design with a display that adapts to different screen sizes.

In fact Google has been talking about it for some time and it really started last year. Now, it seems that Google wants to speed things up further on this subject. I’m not the one who says it, so it’s really going to have to adapt. Thus, from May onwards, the mobile friendly criterion risks having a much greater impact in the SERPs (research results).

Test your site on the Google tool to find out if it is mobile friendly

If you do not worry about it, this could have a negative impact on your SEO on the search engine. Normally the impact will not be very important for the results of research on classical computer but on the other hand the data will not be the same for the searches carried out on a mobile.

In this case, when searching through a smartphone, for two sites with relevant content for a search query, Google indicates that the sites that are mobile compatible will then be highlighted in relation to each other and will pass Therefore ahead. When one knows the importance of being ranked as high as possible, it will be necessary to go to the page in order not to lose this traffic.

The purpose of this article was to quickly introduce a service offered by Google, which allows you to check if your site offers mobile compatibility with a preview of the result.

For those who were already up to date regarding these recommendations there is nothing special to do, for others, you know what you still have to do to take advantage of mobile surfers.