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10 best mobile games

The arrival of smartphones was accompanied by a boom of addicts in the games that platforms like IOS and Android offer. Even classic reissues like tetris and color-matching games become popular reaching millions of downloads worldwide.

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 can be considered a mobile game at the level of some made exclusively for consoles. The game is all first-person and brings the options of campaign and multiplayer.

Campaign mode has a perfect format to be addictive: fast and dynamic missions in which you must seek the highest possible score. The multiplayer allows options like “Free for All”, “Capture of flag”, “Battle of Squad”, “Vip” and “Battle of Team”.

Gangstar Vegas HD

Grand Theft Auto fans are sure to fall in love with Gangstar Vegas HD. The game is virtually a copy of the titles of one of the most successful series in history. Riding your gang, playing in casinos, being an MMA fighter and running the city of Las Vegas are just a few examples of what can be done here.

The arsenal of weapons and vehicles is also not to be missed, counting on flamethrowers, machine guns, monster trucks and fighter jets. All of this is available on a map almost 10 times larger than other editions of the game. Unmissable!

Spider man

The Spider - Man mobile games never really thrilled. This bad phase comes to an end with the game “Spider - Man Without Limits”. The graphics and dynamics of this edition immediately impress and offer different gameplay options, such as race between buildings.

GT Racing 2

Race simulators also deserve prominence among mobile games. The GT Racing 2 offers 71 licensed cars and 13 circuits for you to challenge friends aboard Ferraris, Maseratis, Nissan’s and more.

The best of all is the multiplayer mode, where there is an interaction with players from around the world who compete side by side on the tracks.

Rival Knights HD

Fans of medieval times will identify with the Rival Knights HD. In the best “Knight’s Heart” style, the game is based on horse battles in which the objective is to reach the opponent with his spear.

Just like most of the games on this list, Rival Knights also features a multiplayer platform, meaning you can have duels with players from other countries in real time and without synchronization, it’s all your skill!

Asphalt 8

Another racing representative has one of the most impressive graphics in all of the games. In addition it offers different game modes so you do not get sick of just running against opponents. One of the novelties is the “Elimination” mode, where a car gets contaminated and must destroy the others to save time.

Captain America 2

Although not very well received by critics, Captain America 2 is a good option for those who enjoy the heroes of Marvel. The game is all in Portuguese and consists of defeating the enemies and command your team by the different game modes. One downside is the need to continually connect to the internet.

Angry Birds Space

The smartphone classic around the world has gained a spatial version for some time, but still still worth the fun. In this version, the manner in which the birds are thrown is also influenced by the different degrees of the phases. The goal remains the same, destroy the little pigs on the other side of the scene.


FIFA is the kind of game that does not need presentations. The version for tablets and smartphones has graphics incredibly close to the version of the consoles of table. In addition to playing with teams and players from around the world, the game features “Ultimate Team” mode, where you can assemble your scheme to the best Master League style.

Walking Dead: The Game

The success of the series on the zombie apocalypse made the AMC launch a specific game for smartphones. The scenario could not be another: zombies trying to kill you anyway. Its function is to defend itself with the most varied features that the game offers. The graphics are great!