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Top10: Best Xposed Modules

Xposed allows you to make system changes without having to mess with custom ROMs and codes.

Xposed uses modules, which are like little applications that plug directly into the Android operating system and give you unprecedented control over the look of your phone. Therefore, changes made can be easily removed by simply disabling the modules and restarting.

Xposed Framework is available for all Android 4.1 and later devices . However, not all existing modules work with Android 6.0. If you are on Android Marshmallow and Android Lollipop , you have to first learn how to install Xposed on Lollipop and Masrshmallow . Lets see the 10 best Xposed modules of 2017 to install on your mobile.

Download Xposed Framework and Lollipop and Marshmallow installer:

Top 10: Best Modules Xposed 2017:

  1. Gravity Box: Gravity Box has always been one of the biggest reasons to use Xposed. It is an incredibly broad tool for Android user interface features and enhancements . Almost anything on Android can modify or improve with this utility.

  2. Amplify Battery Extender: If you are one of those whose battery is drained very quickly after upgrading to Lollipop / Marshmallo then Amplify could be the solution. It is perhaps most viewed as a companion for battery saving , Greenify, also has some Xposed functions. If you want the maximum battery life, use Amplify +.

  3. Awesome Pop-up Video: Awesome Pop-up Video is an awesome video player unlike the others. You can play the video in a pop-up window, hovering over other applications , just like on the computer, the so-called “picture-in-picture” mode. Multitask!

  4. SwipeBack: SwipeBack is an attempt to make the Android interface easier to navigate, especially on large screens. It replaces the need to constantly use the Back button in favor of a left-to-right blow that can return to the previous screen.

  5. XPrivacy: XPrivacy is a permissions manager that allows you to control what functions and application data the device has access to. It has long been one of the most popular Xposed modules. With the introduction of granular permissions controls, it appeared that Xposed could become redundant for Android 6.0 users, but it still has a purpose.

  6. Greenify: Greenify will help identify and put malicious applications into hibernation when not in use, so you do not slow down the device and drain the battery in a unique way! Although not only an Xposed module, it is a standalone application as well, which improves battery and device performance to a greater extent if used with Xposed.

  7. Xstana: Xstana is an Xposed module for customizing your navigation and status bars, for example you can change the status bar by HTC design and Sony Navigation Bar . Sounds good, right? Well, you can do it by installing custom ROMs too, but why install ROMs when you have Xposed? Just a few clicks and you have a fully customized navigation bar on your favorite ROM.

  8. BootManager: A large number of applications take liberties with system resources, such as setting themselves to load each time the device boots . This can lengthen the start and discard time.

  9. YouTube Background Playback: You can Play a YouTube background video on your Android phone and in this way listen to YouTube videos as a non-stop streaming audio music application.

  10. ScreenOffAnimation: In a module to customize the animation when you turn off the screen of your Android device. That is, change the effect of pressing the power button to turn off the screen, when it will no longer be used … but not to turn it off.