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What is satellite television?

Many times we have heard of satellite TV, but in most cases, we do not know what they are referring to, or how it works, we simply see that our TV programming is expanded. In this article we will explain clearly and at user level the operation of this system so used.

Satellite television comes to us wirelessly through signals from communication satellites, radio, outdoor antennas or transmission centers and are able to reach the whole world, since these signals are emitted transmitted from satellites orbiting the Earth and are received by regional or local television systems.

This system consists of several elements, the first is a satellite dish that transmit signals to the satellite receivers, which are the second element, these receivers are decoders or satellite tuners that bring the programming to the television.

To fully understand the operation of direct satellite transmission, we must focus on each of the above elements and the functions they perform. First, we find the programming sources that are to the networks that offer the television content to be shown for its subscribers, which will be sent by the broadcast center, since it is in charge of delivering the content of the video in the transmission centers , which receive and send signals to satellites orbiting the Earth. These transmission centers are also responsible for transforming the content of the programming into a digital transmission.

The second step occurs once it arrives at the satellite that receives and processes them and then retransmit them to the external satellite dishes of the Earth, which will pick up the signal and take it to the decoder receiver that will be able to complete the process so that the signal come in movie or program mode to your TV.

Satellite television or direct satellite transmission service (DBS or DBSTV). It requires the DBS provider to decide the programming and transmit it by satellite. DBS programming can be sent to a digital satellite receiver or an analog receiver, although the latter is being replaced in most homes by the digital method, or satellite.sup> as it increasingly offers us a higher image quality and sound (HD, HDTV). Something that has also changed is the transmission bands of the programming, the first satellite television technologies transmitted in the C-band radio frequency, now, digital satellite television content is transmitted in the Ku frequency band. Something that also influences the quality and the speed of the transmission of contents.

In this way, it can be said that the programming is transmitted in signals to a satellite transmission center that sends them in the form of waves that are collected with the parabolic antenna that transports them to the decoder and of this one to his screen. If you are interested in hiring this service, do not hesitate to contact experts, telejara is a company with extensive experience in the sector and insurance that will be happy to resolve any questions that remain before hiring your services, you can contact them through your page web