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What GitHub?

Launched in 2008 and has since been used for developers to host their projects. For version control Git is used. GitHub is often preferred among its users by offering some social networking features as well, since it is possible to follow other developers’ projects and comment on all of them. GitHub, in addition, has a very interesting feature, Git, and it is possible to share a block of code. In addition, it is also possible to exchange ideas, comment on other projects and still pick up someone’s code to modify. It is available for free with a 300MB storage limit.

For those looking for more privacy, the service still offers paid plans, so developers can have more control over the source code, as well as add fixed developers and hide the codes of other members. GitHub works basically in the cloud, so it is possible to store all the material. Therefore, the project can be accessed from any location.

How to register on GitHub?

It is quite simple. Just remember that free service accounts are intended for OpenSource projects and for this reason the projects are open to interested parties. If you want to create an account go to Github.com

Advantages of using GitHub

Project sharing: One of the main reasons for GitHub’s success is the ability to share projects. Since the beginning of the open-source call , GitHub has gained a lot of prominence and is the most used network currently.

Can be used as portfolio: Owning an account and projects on GitHub is a great differential, since it is becoming a great extracurricular support. With this, customers and also companies can better know the work of the user.

Integration with Git: Git allows to publish and even manage all projects easily. And the best, quickly and safely;

It works as a social network: GitHub, besides several advantages, like those mentioned above, still works as a social network, which allows another developer to follow the profile of the user, receive notifications and it is still possible to send direct messages to a certain profile , which facilitates the exchange of experiences, of course, of making new friendships;

Possibility to learn even more: Through GitHub users can still learn more. All this through the observation of the other projects, as well as the contribution of the other participants.

For these and other reasons, GitHub is the best tool for developers today. If you still do not know, it’s worth checking the features.