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A fun way to increase your programming skills

Fun websites to increase your programming skills, or learn a new language.

Code Fights

The Code Fights is the site that I like to be able to practice various programming languages.

The site is very intuitive and has many (many even) cool things. Let me quote the ones that I find most interesting:

  • Interview Practice: In this mode you can choose how close your interview is to happen and the site sets up a “plan” of exercises and study so that you become a star in the chosen language. It is very interesting not only for who will do an interview or only for those who want to delve into a certain language.

  • Challenges: In this other mode every day a challenge is posed for you to solve. The interesting and what I think is cool is that in programming there are several ways to solve the same problem, and in this mode after submitting your solution you can view the resolutions most voted, ie you always end up reminding or learning something new about the language you are practicing.

  • Company Bots: This is the way that I find most interesting in Code Fights, in it it is possible to challenge a bot programmed by the best technology companies, like Uber, Dropbox, GoDaddy and a series of other challenging bots. Here you are “competing” with the best technology companies in the world.

Above I mentioned just a few modes that Code Fight offers, on the site you will find a number of other cool things to evolve as a programmer.

Besides all that, the gamification part is very well done which leaves us even more engaged with the site (who does not like to have more point than your friend?). Just to mention some examples they have ranking systems, badges, achievements, etc.

Code Wars

The Code Wars is another cool option to increase their programming skills.

In my opinion, it currently has fewer features than Code Fights. Basically it has only the challenges module, where the site itself or the users elaborate problems for you to solve.

This part of challenges follows the same scheme as Code Fights, that is, after you solve it, you can see the most voted solution to always be learning new things, or even a more elegant way to solve the same problem.

The biggest plus of Code Wars is being able to choose multiple languages simultaneously to take part in the challenges.

In the gamification part, Code Wars leaves nothing to be desired, it also has ranking system and levels that you are going through as you are able to solve the various challenges.


Both sites presented are very similar and complement each other, there is no way to define which one is better. My tip is to make an account in both (free) and see which of the two most pleases you.

The only thing I’m sure of is that regardless of the site chosen, both are great for you to learn a programming language and evolve your skills in development as a whole (logic, good practices, etc.).