Yateendra A log of everyday life

"Complete your task not compete with the task"

Entirely written by Shashank Bairagi

Sometimes in life there comes a situation where you have to flow to the opposite side of the current and your mind starts interrupting where this is possible for you or not and you lose half of the courage for not taking that tide in a positive manner this shows the positive attitude in your life is lagging somewhere and that attitude was necessary to face the problems you are facing in your life. As we know the predictability of life is not sure and problems are the ultimate steps we to fight and conquer with ease, This is possible only when we keep you strong and we believe you the most by thinking of irrelative negatives of others.It is also possible sometimes that we are wrong and we have taken wrong steps and sometimes we regret of taking this decision but the decision made by you was wrong and maybe it was good that it makes you stronger than previous times.Now if you say that this decision was wrong and you did not complete the task you wanted to complete you will blame your decisions for not getting it right but remember probably your task is not get up to the mark but you will a path that will help not to repeat the same again and that is what actual courage is you have to built in your life.Somewhere I read that the decisions made by you are right or wrong but it is on you what you thought about your final task and how you are going to react according to your gameplan.Before Ending this I just want to give metaphor to my words “Complete your task not compete with the task”.