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Twitter: how to activate the 280 characters?

While the social network enabled the ability to write longer tweets only to a small group of users, they already found a way to manually activate it.

Step by step to activate 280 characters on Twitter

Twitter announced that it would extend the amount of characters that can be used in the tweets. Instead of the current 140, tweet of 280 characters will be published.

While many users already have the ability to type 280 characters, most of the millions who use the social network on a daily basis do not yet have this feature enabled. The good thing is that developers found a way to do it by hand.

Step by Step

  1. Install the extension for the browser you use called Tampermonkey

  2. Use Tampermonkey to run the following GitHub script

  3. When you enter GitHub click on the button that says “Raw” that is in the upper right of where you can see the code

  1. When you open Tampermonkey you will have to click on “Install”

  2. Ready, you can use 280 characters on Twitter (does not work with external applications like TweetDeck and will only work on the web)