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Twitter Lite: a lighter version of the app that will save 70% of the data

Twitter will offer a Lite version of its application destined to the emerging markets, that although they are in full development still they have connections of few or slow Internet connections.

Thus, the company - which is losing users in the United States - launches to the search of new adepts and equals the services of Facebook, Google or Skype.

The first test was made in Philippines with Twitter Lite for Android.

This redesign takes up less than 1MB of memory and reduces the size and weight of some files makes tweaks load up to 30% faster than the original version.

The idea is to offer the basic features of Twitter, such as timeline, mentions, private messages or so-called trending topics. But not all services will be available.

Long ago Twitter presented a light version of its web version.

Twitter Lite will load in less than five seconds on most mobile devices with 3G networks and will be able to save up to 70% of the data compared to the original version.