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How to choose the fastest memory cards?

When purchasing memory cards, you can not just look at how many GB data you get. The speed of memory cards should also be checked when purchasing them.

The SD Card Association has set up two separate speed classes for SD cards to determine the SD card standards. UHS Speed ​​Class 1 and UHS Speed ​​Class 3 (UHS speed class 3).

The minimum speed in the class 1 memory card is 10 MB per second. The lowest speed is 30 megabytes per second in class 3 cards. It can be written as “U” icon at the top of the memory cards to show it as 1,3.

Using cameras with 4K recording, it is better to use USB memory cards.

But look at the UDS speed class only will not work. UBS bus speed (UHS bus speed) This is the maximum speed for read and write files to the memory card.

This can be written in Roman letter I, II and III. III is the highest bus speed record. The faster memory cards are more expensive.